How do I download my SING.PLAY.LOVE. files from my Dropcard?


1.  Go to the website on the back of your Dropcard:


2.  Type the ACCESS CODE (in the black box on the back of your card) into the gray box on the screen       under the words “enter your download code here.” Then click on SUBMIT.


3.  You will be directed to a new screen asking you to enter your email address. You can enter your email address or click on (No, thanks). Then click on SUBMIT.


4.  Click on “Download All” to transfer all songs and/or PDFs on the card as a folder to the DOWNLOAD FOLDER of your computer. Or you can click on each individual DOWNLOAD button and scroll down until you have clicked every file.


5.  If you select “Download All,” then click on the file entitled .ZIP in your DOWNLOAD FOLDER and it will load a folder containing all of the songs on your download card.


Transfer the songs to your iTunes library.


Need more help? Read on!


NOTE: Safeguard your music. Make a copy of your songs and save them on an external hard drive, or another storage folder such as Google Drive or Dropbox.


How do I transfer the songs to my iTunes Library from my DOWNLOAD FOLDER?


  1. Drag and drop your songs into the iTunes Window to bring them into your library. When you add a song to your iTunes library, a copy is created and stored in that location. Your original file will still remain in your DOWNLOAD FOLDER until you delete it.


  1. I recommend that you create a folder on your Hard Drive as well and label it with the name of the album (i.e. CLAP YOUR HANDS). Open the folder and drag and drop all of your songs for that album into that folder as well.


  1. I always recommend saving the songs in another location as well in case your computer crashes (OH, NO!!!). I like Google Drive or Dropbox, and both have free options for utilizing their storage.


For more information about how to utilize iTunes, read Tony Bove’s great article



A reminder that the videos are not stored on your Dropcard.Your video links are printed inside your book purchases. 


















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