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Join organizations across the country as they partner with Anne to help children love learning, while creating a strong foundation of social-emotional and academic skills for every child.


  • We give you all the tools and support you need to make SING.PLAY.LOVE.® songs, books, play-filled activities and FUN a part of your daily routine in your center or school.


  • It's easy to incorporate into your current routines and lessons, enjoyable for adults and children alike, and a wonderful way to engage children in learning and practicing a variety of important early learning skills.


  • The Fidelity Teaching Kit is affordable. Discounts apply for organizations ordering multiple kits.

  • Online "how-to" videos are included with each kit. You always have access to video instruction for the 20 songs and 10 picture books as you prepare to teach your children.


Music is a powerful teaching tool. SING.PLAY.LOVE.® is a unique outcomes-based program that motivates and engages children to learn the skills they need to be successful in school. Our songs, books and play facilitate collaboration between the caring adults in a child's life - teachers, caregivers and parents - in order to support early learning.  Our research validates the benefits of the SING.PLAY.LOVE.® program for positively impacting early childhood professionals and the young children they serve.

The results are IN!

Results from a one-year research study conducted in an urban school district in the Midwest examined the impact of the  SING.PLAY.LOVE.® program for furthering the following goals:


  1. To provide materials and consultative support for teachers that enhance their skill set for engaging children in whole-group instruction

  2. To arm children with the social and emotional skills they need that comprise the "ready to learn" skills necessary for school success


Statistical analyses of teacher scores for the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) showed that those participating in the SING.PLAY.LOVE.® program made significant improvement on the “Instructional Learning Format” dimension over teachers in the control group. This is an exciting finding, as a teacher’s ability to “actively engage children in activities to encourage participation and expand involvement” is a critical instructional skill. One-hundred percent of teachers reported a positive increase in their attitudes and skills specific to whole-group instruction as a result of their participation in the SING.PLAY.LOVE.® program.



Children also experienced measurable benefits. Students who participated in the SING.PLAY.LOVE.® program (n=600) made greater progress in social-emotional skill development than students in the control group (n=345) for two of the three targeted learner goals. Anecdotal data supporting a variety of developmental benefits was noted for children who participated in the SING.PLAY.LOVE.® program. 



The SING.PLAY.LOVE.® program is most powerful when parents and teachers collaborate to read, sing and teach the books at home -- and at school. By utilizing SING.PLAY.LOVE.® products to team teach important learning skills, participating teachers and families were able to create a bridge of learning between home and school. Each child received two SING.PLAY.LOVE.® Little Books to sing, read and keep. Parents reported positive experiences in sharing the Little Books at home with siblings and extended family. They shared their excitement that children were able to "read" the books independently as a result of their frequent interaction with each song and story at school. Family Service Workers who provide parent education and support to families through home visits will provide training and education to parents for Year Two in order to more intentionally support the goals of the program.




Six Fidelity Practices were required of participating teachers in order to assure that the materials and processes were utilized as they were designed with the recommended frequency and intensity to achieve the identified program goals. The average score for the group across the seven Fidelity Practices was 91% for classroom activities from October of 2016 to January of 2017.The practices were discussed during personal coaching/consultation with the program director.

The Fidelity Practices were:

  1. Sing the HELLO SONG daily at the beginning of whole-group instruction.

  2. Use the Visual Schedule daily with song icons (provided).

  3. Sing two SING.PLAY.LOVE.® songs daily.

  4. Sing the target SING.PLAY.LOVE.® book at least two times per week.

  5. Keep your planned music time to 20 minutes or less, and then transition to a child-directed activity.

  6. Utilize the Fidelity Checklist monitoring form.


Anecdotal data supporting a variety of  benefits was noted for teachers, children and parents who participated in the SING.PLAY.LOVE.® program. Click below for more information.

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