Dr. Anne Meeker Watson


Dr. Anne Meeker Watson developed the  SING.PLAY.LOVE.®  program for one important reason: to help all young children love learning. And as a music therapist and early childhood specialist, she’s made it her mission to figure out the best ways to help youngsters fall in love with learning.

What she discovered from working—and playing—with thousands of toddlers and preschoolers is that music and play are powerful and important teaching tools.

SING.PLAY.LOVE.®  products incorporate equal parts science and MAGIC to make learning so fun that children will never know they are learning important things.

Colorful, creative, whimsical and unique, each book and accompanying song inspires children to learn essential early learning skills through play, exploration and discovery. And, importantly, our products foster connection with the important people in a child’s life. What could be better than singing, playing and snuggling with the child you love?

This Turnkey Program Provides:

  • An array of resources and tools to effectively teach skills that predict school success.
  • Alignment among the key ideas and identified learner goals of the SING.PLAY.LOVE.®with a variety of early childhood curricula, standards and philosophies, including:
    Child measures
    • Head Start performance standards
    • Creative Curriculum’s Teaching Strategies GOLD
    • Conscious Discipline
    • Second Step
    • Montessori
    • Reggio Emilia
    Teacher measures
    • Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS: PreK)
    • Pyramid Model teaching practices

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  • Effective resources for partnering with families to provide meaningful and developmentally appropriate early education in the home.
  • Proven results for child progress and development.
In a recent study, children who participated in the SING.PLAY.LOVE.® program scored significantly better than their control group peers for the following skills:
  • Literacy: identifies letters by sound
  • Social-Emotional Learning: regulates emotions
  • Social-Emotional Learning: cooperates and balances needs of self and others
  • Composite score of all seven observed learner goals

    SingPlayLove Skill progression Diagram