Mindfulness is the practice of relaxing, breathing slowly and creating quiet moments. Sharing this gentle, lovely song and book with your young child will help him or her “unplug” from the noise and stress of the world and find their inner calm.


Each kit includes a BIG BOOK for reading aloud to children, as well as a LITTLE BOOK that fits perfectly in the hands of a young child so they can sing or read along with you. There are also links to a MUSIC VIDEO and "how-to" a Music Download Card with the title tune, and a Developmental Activity Guide targeting an important early learning skill. Our books will make it fun and easy for you to incorporate play-filled learning at home, school or center through a wide variety of activities children love.

Big and Little Book, movies and song: WHITE SHEEP AND BLACK SHEEP


    • "Big Book" (8.5 x 11”) ideal for adults to read aloud
    • “Little Book” (5 x 6.5”) student reader that fits perfectly in a young child’s hand
    • Music Download Card with the title tune provided in two audio file formats (.MP3 and .M4A)
    • Developmental Activity Guide with tips for teaching important early learning skills across developmental domains using the song for thematic inspiration
    • Link to a Live-Action Music Video of the song to enjoy with your child
    • Link to a "How-To" Instructional Video to show you how to include signs, motions and dances as you sing the song, along with information about teaching the targeted learner goal through playful interactions with YOU!

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