Rhyming Words (Family Book Kit)

Rhyming Words (Family Book Kit)
Rhyming Words
Rhyming Words (Family Book Kit)
Rhyming Words


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Let's have fun with the words we say by rhyming to the beat of this cowhand sing-along tale. Learning to rhyme helps children notice and play with sounds and rhythms in words and provides a wonderful foundation for reading. "I say BEAR . . . you say PEAR . . . That's rhyming!"

Our books will make it fun and easy for you to incorporate play-filled learning at home, school or center through a wide variety of activities children love.

Product details: Our books are printed in vibrant color on premium paper with saddle stitch binding.


  • Beautifully illustrated large picture book that includes activity guide to help you teach the targeted skill
  • "Little Book" student reader that fits perfectly in the hands of your young child
  • Delightful song download of tune for your picture book
  • Interactive music video to share with children so that they can sing along as they dance and sign words
  • Activity Guide with fun activities for learning the targeted skill at home
  • Musical score for your book song