Pyramid Model Educator Kits

The Pyramid Model is a conceptual framework of evidence-based practices for promoting young children’s healthy social and emotional development.

Early childhood professionals from a variety of childcare and education settings utilize Pyramid tools and strategies to:

Support best practices for teaching social and emotional skills.
Reduce the use of inappropriate discipline practices.
Promote family engagement.
Foster inclusion.
Promote infant and early childhood mental health.

Join the growing team of Pyramid Model implementers who are adding our innovative music- and play-based instruction to their “resource toolbox” to engage the hearts and minds of young children.

Your educator kit purchase provides everything you need to boost engagement during Circle Time and generalize learning across the routines and environments of a child’s day at school and home.

SING.PLAY.LOVE. books, songs, and play-based learning activities align beautifully with the Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool (TPOT) for preschool-aged children and the Pyramid Infant-Toddler Observation Scale (TPITOS).

These assessments help teachers become more effective in supporting social and emotional growth and development of the young children they serve.

Teacher training and participation in the SING.PLAY.LOVE.program was shown to significantly improve their ability to “actively engage children in activities and expand involvement” in the classroom. This is an exciting finding, as child engagement and participation are critical for early learning.

Explore the Pyramid ModelMulti-Book Educator Kits

Each kit provides everything you need to focus on your instructional priorities. Choose from four different kits . . . or get them all at a value price!