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About the SING.PLAY.LOVE. Song Kit

We can't wait to show you how fun and exciting learning through music and play can be! Music combined with play-based learning and YOU as your child’s play partner create the engagement a young child needs to learn and grow. SING.PLAY.LOVE. Song Kit songs, materials and learning activities can be powerful tools for supporting the development of key early learning skills.



Share the magic of music and movement to teach the 
key skills for managing big emotions.

The goal of the Tucker the Turtle Song Kit is to share songs and activities that help children remember and practice The Tucker Technique. Music creates a meaningful context for this new learning, and the added motor motions and signed words help children learn the technique’s step in advance of them being able to sing every word.

The music video is another opportunity for you to interact with your child as you sing and imitate the motor motions and signed words that are modelled. The music video is an experience for you to share with your child and is meant to be part of a “balanced diet” of music and play with you. It is recommended that you utilize the music video as a reinforcer, reward, or transition. This tool is not meant to replace your face-to-face teaching and enjoyment.

Enjoy the video

Watch Tucker The Turtle Music Video & The Instructional Video 


The Tucker the Turtle Song Kit includes an Activity Guide to enrich and extend your child’s practice of emotional literacy and other key developmental concepts.

Create a one-of-kind learning experience.

About the Activity Guide

Your ebook includes a fun Activity Guide to facilitate play with your children as they  practice the Tucker the Turtle Technique.

If your child loves books about turtles – or dealing with big feelings – check out our recommended picture book list on the last page of your Activity Guide.

Reading picture books with your child is a wonderful way to deepen and expand their ability to manage their big emotions, along with other developmental skills and content.