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Tucker the Turtle Digital Song and Movie Kit

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The creators of SING.PLAY.LOVE. now offer a wonderful Tucker the Turtle Digital Song Kit. This toolbox includes everything you need for fun and learning by utilizing the preferred interests of young children: music and play!

The Tucker the Turtle Technique teaches four steps for systematically working through moments of emotional escalation. Targeted skills include emotional literacy, impulse control, deep breathing, and problem-solving.

Your song kit includes these high-quality instructional components to help you teach the Tucker Technique to your children:

  • The Tucker the Turtle song with vocal performances as well as instrumental-only versions allows you to create lyrics to meet the needs of your children. Original and engaging, this song will capture the hearts and minds of children and teachers alike! Get ready to sing a fun scripted story you can dance to.
  • I’m a Turtle bonus song adds more fun music-based instruction as your children learn a lesson about resilience and perseverance from our very pokey turtle. Vocal and instrumental-only recordings are included.
  • Interactive Tucker the Turtle music video that demonstrates motor motions, signed words, and targeted skills in action. Sing and move along with Tucker's friends as they show you tricks for remembering every step of the process.
  • Activity Guide and correlated picture book literature suggestions to enrich and deepen your teaching of emotional regulation.
  • Clear instructional video that shows you how to use your Tucker song as an effective teaching tool.
  • Lyric pages with targeted learner goals for each song help you sing along as you teach.
  • Song cards and visual schedule directions.
  • Musical scores to print for those interested in accompanying or performing the songs on your own.
  • Getting Started Guide eBook that will have you singing, playing, and teaching pronto!