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Kindergarten Readiness Educator Multi-Book Kit

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Kindergarten readiness is a process that provides your child with experiences that encourage a love for learning and development of key academic, physical and social-emotional skills. We want children to arrive at school with intellectual curiosity, confidence, and the ability to take turns, cooperate and make friends with other children. Our SING.PLAY.LOVE.® books help you prepare your child with the essential skills he or she needs for school as you read, play, sing and explore the world together.

The SING.PLAY.LOVE. ®  Kindergarten Readiness  helps you: 

  • Equalize opportunity with quality instruction addressing the readiness skills that predict achievement, such as perseverance, patient waiting, cooperation, problem solving, and self-calming
  • Teach smarter and not harder” with books for children that combine literacy and social-emotional learning
  • Incorporate the SING.PLAY.LOVE.®

    program with any kindergarten readiness initiative, such as summer camps, back-to-school programs, or dedicated circle time activities

Product details: Our books are printed in vibrant color on premium paper with saddle stitch binding.

Each SING.PLAY.LOVE. ® Kindergarten Readiness Education Kit includes:

  • Five picture books that includes activity guides to help you teach the targeted skill

  • Five delightful song downloads of tunes that help you teach and practice key early learning skills

  • Five interactive music videos to share with children so that they can sing along as they dance and sign words

  • Five instructional videos that show you how to include signs, motions and dances as you sing the song, along with information about teaching the targeted learner goal through playful interactions with YOU!

  • Printable pages to share with children, along with instructional materials for creating a SING.PLAY.LOVE. ® visual schedule

  • PLAY & LEARN at home as you partner with families to provide distance learning. Share our family pages filled with learning activities and fun video links for each book.

  • Our online launch pad provides step-by-step guidance and online access to your resources to make it quick and easy for you to start sharing the SING.PLAY.LOVE. ® with your young children

  • Musical score for your book song