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What Color Am I? (Single Educator Book Kit)

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Color concepts are fun and easy to learn with this song that helps children learn to describe the things in their world with colour words and classify objects by colour. Watch as our friends dance, sing, and sign their favourite colour words to the tune of this beautiful song. 

Our books will make it fun and easy for you to incorporate play-filled learning at home, school or centre through a wide variety of activities children love.

Product details: Our books are printed in vibrant colour on premium paper with saddle stitch binding.


  • Beautifully illustrated picture book that includes activity guide to help you teach the targeted skill
  • Delightful song download of tune for your picture book
  • Interactive music video to share with children so that they can sing along as they dance and signed words
  • Musical score for your book song
  • Video model of directions, signed words, gestures, and actions for teachers
  • Printable pages for children to extend the fun and learning
  • PLAY & LEARN page to print and distribute to parents for every book, with learning activities and movie links for home use